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Hello there. My name is Aaron and I’m the Head of Soundscape with Southby Productions. We’ve recently been in Nailsworth working on a project that was using Slapper, and one of the things I was hoping to ask about is the possibility of having each of the delays that comes out on a purely independent channel. (I would have Slapper as a VST on the channel, and then be able to route the audio of each delay independently to outputs on the soundcard. ) This would allow us, in live/object-based immersive audio to place each delay in space very specifically.

We saw that we could get relatively close to this with the dolby settings (by routing the dolby output to objects) but the plugin always sends to be sending some minimum amount of sound to all channels, and I am wondering if it could be isolated further.

Grateful for any time/advice/development spent on this!
Thank you,

Yeah, you simply park each delay tap in a different speaker position in a 7.0.2 instance. 8 taps… so one of them will have to be panned to the left top channel.

If something’s bleeding into other channels you probably don’t have it positioned to exactly the right spot. Try option clicking the pan-pucks to send them to their default positions.

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