Option to disable automatic scrolling?

Hi, is there a way to select a match without having the timeline automatically scrolling to the start of the match ?

In v1.3 there was this change made:
“Added Preference to stop playhead locating when in playback”

So that stops it locating while you’re in playback - but doesn’t stop it doing that when in “stop”
Does that address your issue?

Thanks, I’ve seen the playback preference but it would be useful to also have it for “stop” mode. For example, when zoomed in to frame level, selecting the previous match shifts the zoomed area away and one needs to “come back” with locate to next match range boundary. This isn’t a big deal but being able to prevent the display from following the cursor would be nice.

Yup - I hear you.
We should be able to fix the behaviour without adding a new “mode”