Pan a channel to exactly one speaker

Hey Everyone,

I don’t see it anywhere, but maybe I’m missing something or maybe it’s because we’re supposed to think in the atmos object based workflows now so things adapt on their own, but is there a way to pan a channel to one channel and only one channel in spanner? Like in the built in panner in PT, you can click on the speaker icon and it snaps to that speaker channel. I have an LCR track that I’m trying to put in Lw, L, C of a 9.1.4 track, but it seems like I have to punch in the numbers in the Pan Y side to get it exactly to the speaker. This is for a non-standard speaker set up, so the precision is necessary on this, rather than a regular film/music mix where you can be a bit more vague.

Yes, I know I can do that sort of thing by breaking it out into separate busses and such, but Spanner seems like it’d be the quickest, simplest solution.


Well… in your specific example it is a little harder. If you want the C channel to move to exactly the top rear left, then yeah, typing in the numbers is the only way to be 100% accurate right now.

I don’t know how the “click on speaker icon” could even work in Spanner though. We have multiple channels in the same interface, so which one would snap to the speaker in question? There would have to be added a concept of selecting a channel before doing that. Pro Tools basically has a mono->N panner so it makes more sense to use this approach.

For Spanners where the input and output formats are more similar, you can alt-click a puck to make it reset to its default position, which is often what you need.

Good point, so I think the only way to make this work would be to have a modifier key (combo?) to make any point you’re actively grabbing be snappy to the speakers.

Oh, that’s a really good idea. We are probably already out of available modifiers, but I’ll see what I can figure out.

I can’t believe this has never come up in the 12 years Spanner has been around.

I too like the idea of “snappable” targets! (Or speakers, whatever)