Preset Manager VST/AU

About the Preset Manager in the Mac version of VST3/AU
The preset manager is working for the purpose of saving and loading presets, but it is not able to load the vast number of wonderful factory presets that were available.
In Windows version is working fine.

I would like to know if it is possible to get it to work properly by writing the path to the configuration file or something.

Environments Mac:
iMac 2019 27in 40G RAM MacOS 12.3.1
Macbook 2020 13in (M1) 16G RAM MacOS 12.3.1

Reaper 6.56 / Nuendo 12 / FLSTUDIO20 /iZotope RX 9.30 Adv

Environments Win
Windows PC 1
Threadripper W2990X 128GB RAM Windows 10 21H2
Merging Pyramix MassCore System
Intel i9 9900KF (2 cores are dead for realtime DSD conversion) 32GB RAM Windows 10 21H2

Reaper 6.56 / Nuendo 12 / FLSTUDIO20 /iZotope RX 9.30 Adv / Pyramix 14.01

Those environment is set up to very similar.
Audio interface or anything else probably doesn’t matter.
And other items that do not seem relevant have been omitted.
Slapper2 was installed overwriting the previous version.

It’s looking in ~/Documents/Slapper which has an alias to ~/Library/Application Support/Slapper/SlapperPresets
Are the files there?

If you installed Slapper ST then it might explain it - looks like that installer didn’t create the alias - but Slapper Surround should have created everything correctly

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I will try it!

I have replaced the Slapper ST installer just now - so if that’s the version you’re using, try grabbing a fresh copy and installing that.
Sorry for the hassle.

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Thank you again.

Everything has been resolved.