Pro Tools 2022.12 on Win 10

I would like to know if MB 1.5.4 is still compatible with Pro Tools 2022.12 on Windows 10.
I cannot conform anything, it seems they have messed up with shortcuts again with 2022.12 update…
There’s any tips to set keyboard shorcuts preferences in order to make it work again?
Thanks in advance.

appears to be broken again.
it’s like whack-a-mole.
more news soon. sigh

Yeah - PT2022.12 on Windows is properly broken.
The numeric-keypad Slash key doesn’t access the timecode fields like it’s supposed to… which means MB (and any other app which relies on timecode) is unable to do it’s job.

Nothing we can work-around so we need to wait for Avid to fix it. Again.

Does Matchbox 1.5.5 circumvent the broken shortcut using the new API?

If only.
The new API doesn’t give us very much at all, and unfortunately it looks like it isn’t working on windows for some people. We’ll probably release a 1.5.6 shortly with the PT API stuff disabled since it’s currently useless in PT2022.12 anyway.

Ok, thanks.
Btw getting this error while trying to load 1.5.5:

Import DLL PTSLC_CPP.dll cannot be loaded

Screenshot 2023-01-31 094805

Yup -that’s the issue.
Working on a version with that DLL removed form the equation.

Cool :slight_smile: Thank you