Pro Tools crash when loading helper plug-in


I’m on PT 2022.4 and a M1 Mac Mini.
Pro Tools is crashing when I try to re-conform. Usually it crashes right away when I hit re-conform and it tries to open the Matchbox Helper plug-in.
I’ve also tried to open the Matchbox Helper plug-in on my own and that on its own has crashed Pro Tools.
It has opened on very few occasions, so with the plug-in open I tried to run the re-conform and it said the helper plug-in was not found (even though it was open in Pro Tools as audiosuite).

I checked iLok updates, rebooted system, re-installed Matchbox.
Only thing I haven’t tried yet is updating my Pro Tools version, can this be the issue?

Thank you.

This is something which started recently and we think the macOS might have changed something which is triggering it. The next release of MB has a workaround. I’m including here a link to the unreleased beta (which is probably the build which becomes the offical 1.5.19)

thanks for the link- that fixed the problem - which for me wasn’t a PT crash, it just wouldn’t find the helper (though it was running). PT2023.6/Ventura 13.3.1

Thanks very much, that seems to have fixed it for me as well!