Pro Tools generated AAF import

Hey folks, I’m testing re-conforms based on comparison of AAFs exported from pro tools.
The problem is, all AAFs exported out of pro tools have incorrect TC starts when imported to Matchbox. Re-importing to pro tools gives expected start, same as media composer. But in matchbox they’re consistently out by minus 00:59:29:23. (24fps session PT 2020.9.0)
Anyone seen this behaviour before?

Pro Tools AAF exports are really flakey. We’ll take a look at your examples and see if they can be solved, but there’s every chance that PT is making illegally formatted AAFs, which makes it much harder to support, without breaking correctly formatted AAFs.

Same is true for Premiere in fact - We have examples where Premiere can’t even import it’s own AAFs.

The underlying issue is that AAF is an absurdly complex format (like, Monty Python levels of absurdity). It’s just so convoluted and difficult to work with that issues are very common, even when there’s a serious engineering team behind it.

So, yes, we’ll continue to dance around issues like this but can’t promise all of them can be solved.

Ah, ok thanks for the info - I’ll definitely avoid using AAFs out of pro tools!