Pro Tools Version Not Supported

I’m on a Windows machine. (Win 10 Pro)
Matchbox v1.5.4
Pro Tools Ultimate v2022.4.0

When I try to run Re-Conform I get the error
“Pro Tools version not supported
Pro Tools must be at-least v12”

Is this a known issue? Any workaround?

Also, the manual says Pro Tools 2022.6 and 2022.7 on Windows are not supported.
I’m curious to know why that’s the case.

Avid broke things when they added the custom keyboard shortcuts, and then again in the 2022.6 and 2022.7 releases. But the manual is out of date - the most recent MB release should now work with those specific PT versions.

Hard to understand where that error is coming from though - can you find and send the Matchbox log file? On windows it’s somewhere like: Youuser/AppData/Roaming

Thank you for the quick response.
I’m running tight with deadlines on this project, so the quick turn around is much appreciated!

Attaching the two logs I found for MB (WeTransfer link)

Some clarity from the logs but please hit us up on support at thecargocult dot nz.