Protools 2023.6 Range Error solved with removing PT shortkey

I’m not sure if I missed sth in the manual or tutorial vids, but I had to experiment around a bit to figure out that on my config (Pro Tools Ultimate 2023.6 with MB 1.5.19) I had to remove the shortcut key assigned to Create a Marker (NumPad + Enter) from Pro Tools.

Before that MB just started to make Location Markers and writing in eg: //01:59:58:02 - which is the timecode. It then returned a Range Error and kept making markers on the TC Selection I had in Protools.

Hope this helps - since after removing the Numpad+Enter shortcut everything works like a charm.

Yeah, you can’t over-patch with custom key commands.
Matchbox relies on controlling PT with keyboard commands (for now) so if you hijack anything you risk breaking matchbox.

No offense, but as I described: it actually was the other way around for me:
I had to change the standard shortkey (numpad Enter=add marker) to a custom shortkey, otherwise matchbox cannot use the enter key to apply the timecode.

I’m on windows 11.

That make absolutely no sense at all. But I’m glad you’re up and running.

I’d love to hear which part isn’t making sense?

I’m posting this, so others who experience similar issues, might find help in my comment.

I’m glad to see you are always on top of all issues and I’m fine admitting being wrong about sth, but saying: ‘that doesn’t make sense at all’ - does not really clarify the problem and sounds harsh… or did I misinterpret you?

Matchbox hits the enter key to create a marker. If you say you have removed this key somehow, and it still creates a marker, I am very confused. That makes no sense at all. But if it’s working for you. we’re all good.