ProTools 2024.3 Scripting Crash


For me, enabling ProTools Scripting API before a re-conform, in the latest PT 2024.3, hangs Matchbox at the “Initialization” dialog window and must be force quitted. Disabling this checkbox before a re-conform and it works fine.

So, Just a heads up, seems like the scripting SDK was also updated for this release of PT so there’s probably something that changed on their end.


Yeah, they changed some really fundamental things with the way a connection is made to Pro Tools. Just turn it off for now.

Once that scripting API settles down we will release a new implementation of it, but it’s hopeless trying to chase every change and support every combination of PT version in different ways.

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it’s can not work on protools 2024.3 MAC m1,need help

Turn off Pro Tool scripting

Avid broke it

How do you turn off Pro Tools Scripting?

Reconform page of MB prefs.
Or it’s also in the Run Reconform popup panel.

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