ProTools and Markers

Hi there !

Thanks Justin for this VERY useful app…
However, I need help. I don’t think I understood how to easily reconform my marker track in PT.

First, it seems I have to choose one of the options below. Selecting the marker track is not enough…:
“Drop Cut Markers” is quite obvious. Drops a markers at every cuts. Useful but not what I’m looking for.
“Drop User Markers” : Ok. But none of my markers (listed in MB) are “User”, all are “Auto”. I don’t know why…
I could get a good number of reconformed markers but without any name, and not corresponding to anything…:frowning:
Please help.
Thnaks !!

Using Cut/Paste (not Copy /Paste), and starting from a single track session, selecting it AND the marker Track did the trick.

The trick with reconforming markers is that you must have at least 1 “real” audio track selected as well as the marker track. The reason is that PT does some unpredictable things when copying and pasting on a marker track, so we must force it to behave like a normal audio copy/paste.

You don’t need to be in “cut/paste” unless you really want your old marker positions to be lost forever. It works just the same in copy/paste.