Range Err - Trying again

Hi there, I’ve been using matchbox pretty much everyday, and today all of sudden whatever I do it gives me Range Err- Trying again warning, seems it won’t park the cursor to the right new time and paste the regions… just repeat select start time and end time of the 1st event and copy none stop.

This is really weird, I think I’m correct with the setting, offset, I clear out the framestore files and re did again, but the issue stays. what even weird is I tried different machine in the facilities and all of them have the same issue… I know it sounds like a setting issue… but I didn’t change anything and last week was fine…

my machine is Mac Studio 2022 M1Max, protools 2022.12.

Thank you!


Which version of Matchbox?
Do you have the “Pro Tools Scripting” pref on or off?
Are there any red-coloured timecodes in the Matches list panel?
Are you certain everything is the same framerate?
Have you got any custom keyboard commands set?

@thecargocult I’m getting this now, running MB 1.5.19 on Big Sur. I’ve tried with scripting on and with it off. The framerates are correct. There are custom keyboard commands, but the thing is it gets about halfway through the reel and then seems to crash PT at one particular area… I’ve done matches with video, with guide tracks, with edls… tried all sorts of different ways… it works until around the same spot… I can’t see anything in the session that would be causing an issue in the area… I have all folders open, everything displayed… any ideas?

Is it one specific event which causes the issue? Can you try that copy/paste operation manually and see if it crashes?

There have been reports of issues with folders which are not caused by matchbox, but revealed during a reconform. Opening the folders apparently solved it.

Also - have you tried deactivating all tracks and reducing UNDO to just a few steps? Maybe PT is getting really sluggish and running out of memory.

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I made sure folders where open, I learned that one when I first got matchbox :grinning:… I think it was just a weird event that had some overlap and swap and… When I did it manually I could decipher it and make it work… Is there a way to have it skip over a section? And continue? Probably longer conversation than either of us feel like typing out :joy: I have so much to learn

you can delete or disable a green match object so it doesn’t get run. Or you can select the ones you want to use and “Run Reconform using selected…”

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