Resize window Envy2

I just upgraded to Envy2 and have a problem with the software window size.
The lower part of the window is cropped below the frame of my macbook screen and I can’t resize it to fit my screen.

Have other people experienced this problem ?
Is there a solution that I haven’t found ?

I joined a picture.

Thank you !

I’m going to guess you’re on a MacBook Air with a smaller than normal screen resolution.
Envy will fit on all the modern Macs as long as you use the largest screen size available on those smaller machines.


Thank you for the answer !
I’m sorry but I forgot to give all the informations about my configuration. I work on a 2020 MacBook pro, I joined a screenshot of my system informations.

Hey guys,

my 2 cents, it was a simple problem of monitor resolution… my prefs changed because I used a VP last week.

Everything works fine now.