Search for shot broken in v1.1.3?


is external search broken in v1.1.3? I hit command-shift-F and set the top folder but clicking on search doesn’t do anything. It seems like the SEARCH button doesn’t “sink in” as if it was a static text box. Or is it a case of operator error?



Hi Frank.
The button does work for me - but you’re right about it not displaying the “depressed” state.
If it’s not actually functioning for you, it might be that you have the wrong file type checkbox checked, or that there’s actually nothing it can find,.

I did have EDL checked so maybe it didn’t find anything but there was just no visual feedback. In combination with the button not reflecting being “depressed” I guess I thought the function was broken. I guess it isn’t… :wink:

Yeah, that’s a pretty poor user experience. Thanks for reporting.