Show cut downs using source timecode

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I trust all is well. Apologies in advance if this is a very simple question but I am trying Matchbox as I’ve been led to believe it’s the perfect software I need for an upcoming job.
The way I need it to work is I will be supplied 5.1 audio stems of an original show.
These stems have been cut down and certain content removed to make the new version of the show shorter. I was supplied the new cut down .aaf with stereo stems 9not 5.1) but the source codes for the original 5.1 and original stereo stems are the same. A few times the order of the show has been changed but there is no new content.
Everything is in the original 5.1 stem. I just need to match the the source timecode in the new shorter cut .aaf (stereo stem) and grab those bits from the original 5.1 and line them up. The names of the audio files
are different but the source codes will match, I just need to match like for like source time code from the old full length 5.1 version to match the new cut stereo version.
Firstly is this possible please and secondly can you point be in the direction of one your many training videos where I can learn how to do this please?
I use protools but maybe I need to do this only in matchbox then import to protools?
Many thanks in advance for any pointers

What you really need is a flattened AAF (or EDL) of the edited timeline.
You drop that into the middle view (Matches & Diffs) since it is already a map of the changes that have been made. Use that set of matches to reconform the Pro Tools session with the stems etc in it.

If all you have to work with is the original stems + the guide audio from the edited version, you can use the Audio File Matchup feature. Drop the stems into the OLD timeline, drop the mixdowns of the recut into the NEW timeline. Run Matchup Audio Files.

keep in mind that matchbox 1.3 made some huge improvements to this audio matching trick so make sure you’re up to date.

Firstly wow,

thanks for amazingly quick reply, hugely appreciated. I will give this a go. One thing I omitted to mention
is the original source timestamp is at 01:00:00.00 and the edited version is at 10:00:00.00.
Obviously I can put the original stems into protools, re- render them at 01:00:00.00 to change the metadata but is there a way I can tell matchbox to offset the original by 9 hours please?
Thank you

Yeah, that’s no problem at all.
It’s probably fine to leave the difference in there so MB will copy from 01:00:00:00 and assemble the new edit down at 10:00:00:00. You can move it back or do whatever you want after the fact.

You can also apply offsets to the COPY/PASTE timecodes when you run the reconform.
And you can even nudge things around on the Matchbox timelines using the little arrows or the “Offset Selected Clips By…” menus.


I’ll try that in the morning when the job turns up and let you know.
Again I really appreciate your very hasty help
All the best

Just chiming in to say: I’d no idea you could drag EDLs to the matches and diffs area. Nice!! I tend to drag to bottom and use “promote selected to match”

dragging directly into the “matches” view is fine as long as the EDL is a single track. Otherwise it has to go into NEW and then you choose which clips to promote.

Got it - so an EDL prepared in another change tool such as AVID’s (Or using the “cut stems” method") could be loaded here. Thx for clarification.