Slapper 2 surround various issues

I’m using Slapper 2.06 in Nuendo 11 but i’m noticing some issues: (Windows/vst3)

Nuendo uses SMTPE channel assignments and Slapper 2 is supposed to auto-adjust. It’s not entirely clear what is supposed to happen to LFE (passthrough or summed on the input ?)

I think it’s ok at 5.1 but lots of oddities with the 7.x.x. version ie - when you insert into a 7.1.2 track then Slapper thinks it’s 7.0.2 - and other configurations give similar incorrect configurations.


The input/output channel assignment are incorrect and inconsistent. If you set the mix to 0% or ‘bypass’ the plugin then you would expect anything sent to a specific input to come out of the equivalent output. This isn’t true for LFE which seems to be summed to the L channel ? - and the Ls gives similar odd results…as does the height channels. Very easy to repro.

I’m seeing other oddities too but these two are the showstoppers - the second one especially as it means you will get ‘random’ results when the mix is set to anything other than 100%.

The incorrect channel assignment can be worked around with some messy rerouting plugins but it would be good to see this fixed.

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I’ve just noticed the same issues. I’m on windows and Nuendo as well. Is there any way to fix that?

I believe some fixes are on the way :slight_smile:

Yes, we have a beta version which fixes this, but it’s kinda tangled up with the apple silicon rebuild. Still waiting on iLok to support M1 chips before we ca release it.