Slapper Tap Tempo?

Hi All, I love Slapper for my music editing work, but I find myself reaching for EchoBoy more often than not because I can easily type or tap in a specific tempo without adjusting my host midi tempo. As far as I can tell, Slapper only follows the host tempo and the tempo cannot be adjusted within the plugin. Is that right? If so, this would be an amazing feature to add in a future update - a toggle where you can either follow host tempo or type one in manually, with a tap tempo button.

what is the situation where your host is not already at the desired tempo? why would they ever want to be different?

When I’m working I usually don’t have any tempo information in my sessions. This is almost always the case when prepping music for a film or tv dub, because all the cues are in the same Protools session. And the midi tempo information from the individual cue sessions cannot carry over when importing everything into the same session. since there are multiple bar 1’s, overlapping cues, licensed songs where I don’t have access to a tempo map, etc.

Fair call. I’ll think about how it could be elegantly implemented.

Another way to look at the problem is that you shouldn’t really be left without tempo info in your DAW like that. Pro Tools ought to make it easier to automatically detect and extract tempo maps. But I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir now.

100%. I have very little faith in avid to implement any of those changes. I have been asking for the ability to have more than one song start in a single session for many many years. Automatic tempo/meter detection and tempo mapping would be a dream. But that’s why I reached out because I know you guys actually listen to your users! So thank you.