Slow compare on Video Clips

After loading in .mov, guides, picture edl’s, I do a compare video clips expecting it to go fast since to my understanding it’s just comparing EDL events not actual media. But it’s slooow. Conformalizer was almost instantaneous. Also, even though I select compare video clips, it also compares the video files, how come? This obviously slows it down even more.

Am I doing something wrong??


I’ll guess you have the AUTO-DIFF button checked (near top left)?
This feature does a check pass after your Matchup is complete, using the movie files, to validate the every match is a good one and that it actually looks the same.

Of course, it needs to scan all the video for this to work, hence the slower performance than you were expecting.

You have 3 options:

  1. turn off AUTO-DIFF (not recommended)
  2. pre-scan all your video files (they only need scanning once ever) using the “analyze bulk video” option.
  3. just accept the couple of minutes required to scan a new video, so that you can get this extra functionality.

If I’m really in a hurry and don’t care too much about perfect result, i turn AUTO-DIFF off, but usually I want to know if the EDL Matchup has got something wrong, and I really want to know if a VFX shot has changed i some important way.

actually… I think you can cancel out of that video analysis step and it’ll just abandon the AUTO-DIFF pass.

Yup, Auto-Diff was what it was.