Spanner Rotate Functionality


Not sure of this has been asked before, but just wondering if it would be possible to have the rotate functionality which is currently available via keyboard shortcut, to also be available to modulate via an LFO or perhaps as a single parameter to automate (rather than each channel input).

Thx :wrench:

You can rotate all pucks using an extra modifier (check the ? Button)

You can also do it using a hardware controller. On those you will find a “meta parameter “ called spin and one called rotate. Rotate twists 180 in each direction. Spin will spin continuously as long as you hold the touch sensitive knob. Turn further and it spins faster.

So I guess the only way to automate this is using the iPad app? or are there other hardware controllers for this?

Yeah, basically any avid hardware controller as well as the old HUI style. Pretty much any controller that runs with pro tools.