Spanner Spin in a Circular motion

It seems that the spin and rotate features of spanner allow the “objects” within spanner to move in a square like motion rather than a radius around a defined center. For example, if I were to arrange 8 objects in a square patter, (4 objects for each corner and 4 in-between the corners) the shape of the square would be maintained, rather than the entire square rotating around the center of the space.

I primarily use a mix of spanner and soundflow to get some crazy pan automation into objects in Atmos and want some clean circles haha.

Using spanner 4.1.0 in PT 2023.12
Computer is M1 iMac running 12.6.7


Circles make no sense in a square (catersian) system like a theatre. Even home theatres are usually set up rectangular.

So rotating around a circle would just smear across multiple speakers all the time and sound pretty indistinct.

I see your point! What about on objects playing back binaurally on headphones?

Spanner doesn’t support any polar formats like ambi. Only the cartesian x.x.x surround formats.
Also, good luck hearing the difference in binaural.

Got it. Just a suggestion