Spanner VS Object

Need a bit of explaining - when using Spanner with a mono source, PTs of switches the output to a bed.
Is this the same/similar point specific placing of sound in 3D that you would get when compared to using an object?

For me, it would be great if there was more info in the manual - a bottom line on the workings of Spanner.
I appreciate keeping it simple but I want an option to delve without going through youtube adverts.


You choose the output format. So if you insert a mono->7.1.2 Spanner then yeah, you get a 7.1.2 output on the channel.

I’m not sure what else to say about that. Yes it pans the signal within that surround field. It’s not like an object though - it’s just like the normal pro tools panner, except you see that it’s a surround output with surround meters.

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