Spanner3 PT23.12 System5 pagetable issue

Hi all, having trouble with Spanner 3 and our System5 consoles in Eucon. It seems that the pages are reversed now when accessing the plugin on the control surface, so the most used page (Rot8, Spin, FR, LR, Elev, Depth and Width) is now on the last page.
Any idea of how I can fix this?
Running Spanner 3.3.4

Bound to be a Eucon issue. There is a pref in Eucon to reverse pagetables.

Hi Justin, that pref exists on the S6, not on the System5. I’m also pretty sure that they reversed the pagetables within the ProTools component of Eucon, as we still use the older Eucon Workstation 3.6.1 to work with the System5.
Any chance I could get my hands on a pagetable that is not reversed?

I can find you some old pagetables, but reversing the current one is unbelievably painful. You can attempt it yourself as Spanner has the pagetable file located outside it’s plugin bundle. But Honestly, I don’t recommend it.