SUG: Export EDL file from a "Create Shot Track In DAW Using Video Files"


As far as it seems, this can’t be done.

1st - I would love to have those cuts showed inside Matchbox (in the new timeline), not only in Pro Tools.
2nd -I would love to be able to export those as a simple EDL from Matchbox for be used with other applications if needed.

Do you think it could be possible to add this feature in the near future?

1- Agreed. It would be nice to see the cuts displayed in the UI.

  1. Such an EDL wouldn’t really have much useful information in it - we don’t know anything about the original source footage etc - only where cut points are.

What would be the “other software” that you wanted to use this information in? What would you want to do with it?

What I mean from “other Software” is something like DaVinci Resolve

Imagine receiving a 1h long video file MXF DNxHD185x, there’s not cuts right?

Doing this with Matchbox we can use the “computing” of Matchbox for Pro Tools and Davinci at the same time, at the end of cut detection we can export an EDL and import into Davinci and start working too.

I can then use what Matchbox have found and add it to DaVinci Resolve.

We can use DaVinci Resolve Scene detect, BUT at least till now what I’m seeing with Matchbox they are more precise than Davinci.

This makes Matchbox even more deep into the PosProduction workflows.

This weekend if I got time I’m gonna test with an EDL from Media Composer that already have a lot of cuts in but in some clips aren’t cut. What I want to see if it helps in “computing”, if is already there it shouldn’t need to process those but that is another thing I’m trying to understand.