Timecode in wave not reading correctly

I am have an issue where I drop a BWAV into Matchbox. It has a start time of 19:28:49:05 but when I drop it into the old sequence in Matchbox it places it at 12:25:39:05.

is this normal behaviour?

Not normal. Are you certain the start time you mention is the correct one? Matchbox uses the standard timestamp metadata.

I’m as certain as I can be. When I load the wave files into Nuendo or Sound Devices Wave Agent they start at 19:28:49:05 but if i drop them into Matchbox they start at 12:25:39:06 this time, last time it seemed to be 12:25:39:05. Here is a link to the one of the files in question. The file is a mute mono file and is about 2.5 hrs long

I’m on a PC running Win 11 Pro and Matchbox 1.6.0

Thanks. You’re quite right.
Really strange as the file appears to have the correct BWAV headers and the timestamp is definitely written there. But also, MB has no trouble with any other file…

We will need to dig deeper and see if we can work out what the difference is here.
Thanks for reporting and sorry for the hassle.

Thanks for being so responsive!!

Good luck! I also tried generating a fresh BWAV in Nuendo at around 19hrs and the same thing happened.

OK, sounds like it might be a Nuendo thing. Will investigate

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