Tracklist Bug within Spancontrol

BUG DESCRIPTION: Not all tracks showing up in tracklist within the span control app if app crashes due to too many tracks.

SYSTEM SPEC (version for app/plugin, OS, DAW): Spanner 3.3.4 Spancontrol 2.6.4 MacOS Ventura 13.6

STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Open a 300+ track session and have spanner on all of the channels. Click refresh in the app.

NOTES (detail on variations, intermittent behaviour etc):
Channels will disappear (partially) connection will halt until PT session has been restarted. With many spanners active the app will crash now and then and a restart of PT is necessary in order to use the app.

ATTACHED FILES (logs, sessions, presets etc):

Still nothing on this?

Spancontrol is getting an upgrade for the new surround formats so we’ll try to reproduce and fix this issue at the same time.

Spancontrol doesn’t display surround channels in 5.1, or displays some weird things, so it is not possible to move them.

Oh, damn. You’re quite right.
Looks like a few specific formats have this issue on Spancontrol with Spanner4.
We’ll have to make a tweak in Spanner4 to get this working again… but keep in mind there will be an update to Spancontrol pretty soon.

Thank you for the prompt response. Do you have an ETA for the new app? Just trying to gauge whether I need to revert to Spanner 3 for the upcoming mix.

If you rely on Spancontrol and 5.1 instance, then I would say yes.
Grab the “legacy build” installer at the bottom of our downloads page. It’ll run under your v4 iLok asset.

Sorry for the hassle… We did test Spancontrol, but obviously not in those formats.

Not such a big deal for me. Having responsive support from developers is a definite plus. Other companies could definitely learn from that approach!

We’re working on this right now. Not too far away I think

I should have mentioned: This has all been updated now and is available as an update from the appStore. Note that it’s is required to have both Spanner 4.1 and Spancontrol 4.1