Unable to open user presets on another system/drive

BUG DESCRIPTION: (apologies for posting this as a main topic earlier…!) I’m finding that even when using save and consolidate media, once you move the preset to another drive, the envy file always fails to locate the media and as a result zeroes out all the settings - volume, pitch, etc. This makes it pretty much impossible to open a setting on any other system/drive than the one it was created on…

SYSTEM SPEC (version for app/plugin, OS, DAW): Envy 2.0.2, macOS11.x

STEPS TO REPRODUCE: create an Envy file using “save and consolidate”, then move it to another hard drive and open envy file.

NOTES (detail on variations, intermittent behaviour etc): none

ATTACHED FILES (logs, sessions, presets etc): none

Yes, this is a know. issue and we were literally working on the fix today.
Look for it in the next release.
Sorry for the hassle

Thank you, and thanks for the reply.

Thanks @jongreasley for bringing this up. I was trying to recreate it, but didn’t realize it was bringing it to another drive.