Using a change list like Conformalizer

Just upgraded to Matchbox but haven’t been able to figure out to do a re-conform in Pro Tools the simple way I can in Conformalizer…

I get an EDL from the editor and in Conformalizer I would import it, adjust the in/out times and off it goes.

I haven’t been able to figure this out in Matchbox - my searching leads me to more complex tasks.

any links or pointer about how to do this?

Hopefully my ask is clear - any questions, please let me know.


I presume you’ve been importing an EDL directly into the “Change” panel.
You can do the same in Matchbox - just drop it into that middle view (Matches and Diffs).
…or you can import Matches wth the CMD-3 shortcut.

Ahh - dropping it into the middle view was the step I was missing.
Starting to figure it out - so far it does so much more than I need :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply!