VST version?


Do you have any plans to make this a VST-version for Nuendo?

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You Nuendo people are persistent!
it all comes down to demand - it’s a lot of work and you already have some similar tools in Nuendo right?

yes, but to be able to compare aaf’s would justify the need of matchbox ! being able to export a compare edl from matchbox to use with nuendo would already be a start !

Oh - we’re in the Spanner forum so I think that’s what the OP was asking for.
But yes, a Nuendo integration for Matchbox would be handy

AU for logic and “VST3” version for Nuendo please.

I would also like a VST and/or AU version to use in Soundminer.


Put me down for another user hoping for a VST version to use in Cubase and Vienna Ensemble Pro as the hosts.

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