Weird Spanner panning with 7.1.2. Atmos recording?

When I put spanner as an insert on a 7.1.2 audio track which has a bounce of audio on it with sounds coming from all around to soundfield, spanner treats the sounds as coming from the center, it doesn’t seem to pan the individual mono speaker feeds to their respective positions… eg… sounds on the LSR track go to the LSR feed of Spanner…
is it meant to be this way or am I doing something wrong? I’m using PT and its a 7.1.2 insert that is 7.1.2-7.1.2, there is no downmix.

So you mean you have a 7.1.2 signal… and a 7.1.2->7.1.2 Spanner…
And it’s making all signals come from the centre (as mono)?

Yes precisely… that’s a much clearer concise way of putting it!

can you send me the session? or even just a screenshot of the plugin while signal is running?