What is the best way to change presets with automation?

My first post in this forum, be easy on me :wink:

for the first time Im about to use The Slapper as a post audio for film tool.
I wander what is the best way to use it like my convolution verbs where I automate a “scene”.
Im using Nuendo 10.3 on mac, and in the automaiton list of the slapper i dont see any “presets” or “snapshots”

any advice will help.

Slapper relies on the host DAW to manage presets.
If you can’t see them it may be that your DAW needs them moved to some specific location.
There’s a readme with the istaller which details all the preset behaviours.

For snapshot automation you need to call up a preset.
If you ever need to know (at a later date) which preset was used for a scene, you can hit the little ? button in the UI and Slapper will try to guess which preset was originally used, and even tell you how much the settings have changed since.