Where is the Envy 2 End User License Agreement (EULA) link?

Hey, my team is interested in Envy 2. We want to buy it and use for our product. But our legal team requests we need to provide the EULA for their review before they can approve the software to be used for the product. But I can not find the EULA link on Envy 2 web page or Cargo Cult company website. Do you have one? Can you please share with me the link? Thanks!!

This is really urgent for our procurement. Without EULA, we can not buy/install this software. Please help, thank you!!

The EULA is included in the installer. You’ll see it when you run the install, and before you actually trigger the install. Reach out on the support @ email address if you want a PDF copy before downloading anything

Thank you, I will send an email to support right now.

Email sent. Please help us to get the doc to finish the procurement process. Thanks!!