Unable to spot to Reaper

BUG DESCRIPTION: Cannot spot to Reaper (neither mixed or indiv)

SYSTEM SPEC (version for app/plugin, OS, DAW): Reaper 6.45, Envy 2.02, Windows 10.0.19043

STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Open Reaper and Envy, send audio to Envy, return audio to Reaper using ‘Spot Mixed Render to Tracks in DAW’ or ‘Spot Individual Renders to Tracks in DAW’. Application switches back from Envy to Reaper but no audio is imported to timeline or to project media folder.

NOTES (detail on variations, intermittent behaviour etc): This was working last time I checked (a month or two ago), suspect a Reaper update might have broken the Envy extension? Am aware of another user who has also experienced the same issue. Send last auto record pass still works.

ATTACHED FILES (logs, sessions, presets etc):

Interestingly, if I use factory textures instead of files sent to texture from Reaper (or Soundminer) then ‘Spot Individual Renders to Tracks in DAW’ works, but ‘Spot Mixed Render to Tracks in DAW’ still does not.

A completely fresh reinstall having first used the Windows Remove Program tool fixed this issue.